March 2019

After a warm spell in February, the weather changed and it has been a challenge to make much progress with the horse box, the lower section will be pale green and the roof will be a cream colour (one side is completed and if the weather stays dry long enough this will soon be completed)! This week it should be possible to make some progress inside the horse box, which will include adding new entrance door and partition.

We have added another two chickens to our collection, they are a rare French breed called 'La Fleche' - Suzy chose these as they lay white eggs and they are both laying well. Suzy has been busy preparing a programme of craft activities for her friends in the Lifton area, those white eggs will be useful for the egg painting workshop.

By the beginning of April, we should have some photos of our Bell Tent, our first foray into the world of glamping (camping for people who like their extra comforts)!