April 2019

It was a warm, sunny day when our friend Peter came round to capture some great photos of the progress we’ve made in March. The bell tent, our first venture into the world of glamping, looks great with Suzy’s home made bunting! The aim is to have a tent that is ready pitched with all the bedding required and a small gas cooker so that visitors can cook simple camp food and make those all important teas and coffees! We are now ready to take bookings, just form an orderly queue behind Charlotte who was first to enquire when we posted a picture on Instagram!

Elsewhere on the smallholding, the chickens are now laying well - about five eggs a day, white and brown eggs. The sheep are happy and healthy, they are enjoying the nice new grass, but the warm weather means Robert has had to dust off the mower and try to keep on top of the lawn-mowing and keeping the pathways clear. On the camping field the horsebox is well on the way to complete transformation and the electric power points for caravans, motorhomes and tents are being connected up this month.

The wild meadow field is a blaze of yellow, with the celandine flowers catching the sunlight. We have installed a couple of nest boxes for swallows and Jim has made an owl box for our tawny owls that we hear on a regular basis. We’ve also got a pair of buzzards circling above the fields, no doubt they are looking for field voles, just like the owls. To ensure that we encourage the field voles, we were advised to keep the grass in the meadow field a minimum of ten centimetres long (4 inches) . Seems to be working!