July 2019

Our campsite continues to develop, in addition to the chemical disposal point, we are installing a flush toilet cubicle and we are grateful for Amy's help as she is home from University for the summer break. Amy has extended her skill set and can now mix and lay a concrete base! This summer is a working holiday for Amy as she busy working at the local farm shop called Strawberry Fields.

We were delighted to see our friends from Reading, Zie and Enala, when they came to visit for a weekend. We are looking forward to joining with them for a special family occasion in Reading in April 2020!

We were also delighted to host a gathering of elders from the United Reformed Churches in Plymouth and Tavistock - we had a good time together, in a day led by our Moderator, Ruth Whitehead.

We look forward to our next group visiting in August from the Salvation Army in Tavistock.

We hope and pray that this summer may be one of blessings, for you and your families.